Thierry Thenaers

Thierry Thenaers

Interior Designer

Thierry Thenaers was born in Belgium.

He studied Law before making a complete turnover to interior architecture,
which he studied at the St Lucas Institute for Architecture in Brussels.
Later he lived and studied in Florence at the Istituto per l’Arte e il Restauro in Palazzo Spinelli,
then he attended the Van Der Kelen School in Brussels.

M. Thenaers founded his Company in 1997.

Although considered and appreciated as a true connoisseur of ancient architecture,
he has become at ease in many styles.

His real references are Vignola, Vitruvius, Serlio, Alberti, Michelangelo as an architect, Brunelleschi and Piranesi.
But he studies relentlessly Ledoux, Percier, Fontaine, Schinkel, Soane, Nash and in later periods Wright, Frank, Janssen, and so many more.
His wide-ranging architectural and stylistic education combined with his aesthetic sense has enabled him to design great houses for his clients over Europe.

M. Thenaers is well known for his skilful layering of history with occidental culture.
Everything is considered, cultured and brought together with an unerring eye, over long nights of reflection.

It’s all about creating atmospheres from scratch that look as though they have been in place for centuries,
by displaying a timeless, elegant look reminiscent of European country-houses in their Grand Tour period.

He quickly gained recognition by following personally every commission and by checking personally all the details of the concept designs, by integrating and concealing modern comfort and technology in each project.

Although M.Thenaers’ office is equipped with the most evolved technology, he himself strongly believes every project should first be given birth by a pencil on a sheet of paper.

In recent years, he has moved on to a more graphic and geometrical aesthetic, as a response to his own progressing eclectic taste and curiosity.

Now his designs have become a true blend of antique, vintage and modern inspiration.